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Jonah and The Whale Seafood Buffet | Ocean City,MD | Crab Legs

People desiring delicious, fresh crab legs in Ocean City, MD are used to hearing that Jonah and The Whale Seafood Buffet is the place to go. Our crab legs are so tempting and succulent that many people know us as being a crab leg restaurant. Whatever someone wants to call us is fine with us!

Our crab leg buffet keeps customers coming back for more. One reason is the high quality freshness, taste, and perfection. The other reason is that nothing beats all you can eat crab legs for economy, frugality, and nutrition. We take the mysteries out of eating crab legs. Our professionals are always available to help diners understand how to crack open legs to remove the succulent meat. We are the crab legs experts!

Our staff see many people coming through our doors with the sole purpose of enjoying our crab legs. These delicacies have a reputation for being the best available anywhere around! Ask our servers for information about the different types we have available. Seasonal variations always exist.

We offer early bird discounts, children's menus, wine, beer, and other beverages to enhance the dining experience. Many diners enjoy combining our crab leg buffet with our other all-you-can-eat buffet offerings. Nothing more perfectly ends the meal than visiting our dessert and sundae buffet. We recommend starting the dining experience by visiting our soup and salad buffet.

People having a craving for tasty, fresh crab legs in the Ocean City, MD area have an unwritten understanding that Jonah and The Whale Seafood Buffet has the best around. Pick up the phone, and call us today to make a reservation.

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